About Us

PRODUCERS:  Don’t put your production at risk by hiring a driver who has padded or lied about their driving ability and experience.  Filmdrivers™ provides drivers who are safe, respectful, and professional.

Our Drivers: Filmdrivers™ has close to 200 professional and experienced drivers based in the United States who are ready to assist all of your on-camera and off-camera driving needs. Both union and non-union.  Filmdrivers™ also has drivers with passports with international filming experience.

Employer of Record: Filmdrivers™ can be the employer of record for drivers or you can choose to pay drivers as your own W2 employee.

Contact Us: Have questions? Call, text or email 24 hours a day: info@filmdrivers.com, 310-469-9775 (backup numbers: 804-767-1768 and 917-768-4272)